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What To Buy For Cleaning Invisalign

If you have just bought Invisalign or are considering investing in the treatment in the near future, this post is definitely for you. Invisalign is a clear set of aligners that straighten the teeth in lieu of braces. The retainers are replaced every two weeks and apply pressure on key points of the teeth to push them back into place. After anywhere from eight months to two years, teeth will be straighter than before and patients will be able to enjoy a better smile forever more.

However, there are some complications to wearing Invisalign, particularly when eating and drinking. Patients are required to remove their aligner while eating and drinking and are supposed to brush their teeth afterwards: to ensure that food particles don’t get trapped in between the aligners. This can be particularly difficult if eating at a restaurant or elsewhere in public. We have prepared the following list of purchases you can make to make your Invisalign experience just a little bit easier in this regard.

Compact Toothbrush: You could normal toothbrush, but that’ll double the size of your carrying case. Get a folding toothbrush that fits into a tiny little plastic carry case. You can carry it around in your pocket and take it out to brush your teeth after eating, no matter if you’re at work, at the cinema or in a restaurant.

Tiny Toothpaste: You can buy tiny little toothpastes in a six pack from Woolworths or a chemist.

Cleaning Wipes: These can be used to clean your aligners after they’ve been in your mouth for some time. You can simply rinse your aligners with water, but using a disinfectant wipe offers a whole other level of cleanliness. Your aligners will stay sparkling clean and your teeth won’t suffer detriment from excess food particles being left around.

Lip Balm: Your lips will dry out so it’s definitely worth buying a Chapstick to moisten them during your time wearing an Invisalign retainer.

Carrying Pouch: It’s probably a wise move to buy a case that can carry all of the items listed above. A little leather case looks sophisticated. Plastic looks ugly but is very cheap. Cloth can be quite discreet too.

Dental Floss: You’re definitely supposed to floss your teeth every day, and even more so when undergoing Invisalign treatment. When your teeth are under protection all day your saliva doesn’t have the chance to rinse out between them, so taking out your retainers and flossing in between meals is a good idea.

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