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What Causes Crooked Teeth? What Orthodontic Treatments are Available?

We all want to enjoy a picture-perfect smile, but in reality, crooked teeth are more common than you might think. There are a multitude of reasons why an individual’s teeth may develop incorrectly, ranging from genetic factors through to personal habits, jaw deformities, chronic mouth breathing and more. No matter the reason for having crooked teeth, orthodontic treatments are remarkably effective and can help to restore a healthy and confident smile. 


Why do Crooked Teeth Occur?

The most common reasons for experiencing crooked teeth include:

Genetics – no two individuals are the same, and our unique genetic makeup determines the size of our mouth. Those with smaller mouths are more prone to crooked teeth. Jaw development is also a unique process for every individual.

Personal Habits – mouth breathing is one of the more common bad habits which can contribute to the development of crooked teeth. Nasal breathing allows for expansion of the maxilla and the upper jaw, whereas mouth breathing causes pressure buildup which can adversely affect jaw and teeth development. 

Trauma – sportspeople and those who have suffered a blow to the face or mouth may end up with crooked teeth. Always wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports.

Thumb Sucking and Dummies – children are often prone to thumb sucking and the use of dummies, which can cause baby teeth and adult teeth to become crooked. It is important that these habits are corrected early, as if allowed to progress past the age of three they may cause issues. 

How are Crooked Teeth Classified?

Crooked teeth are easily identified through an oral examination. An orthodontist will then classify your condition into a specific category, usually either:

Class 1 malocclusion – a normal bite with upper teeth slightly overlapping the lower teeth.


Class 2 malocclusion – an overbite with a more severe overlap of the bottom jaw and lower teeth.

It is also very common for children to exhibit a crossbite, and it can be caused by thumb sucking. 


Orthodontic Treatment for Crooked Teeth

Orthodontic treatments are usually straightforward, with the most common option being the use of traditional metal braces. For those who prefer a more discrete option, you may consider using Invisalign which are clear plastic aligners. In more severe cases teeth may have to be removed, or jaw surgery performed. 

The team at Sydney Park Dental have a wealth of experience in orthodontics and would be happy to carry out a thorough assessment of your mouth. Once we have taken photographs and X-rays and discussed your goals, we can recommend an appropriate treatment option to suit your budget and put you on the path towards achieving a smile you can be proud about. 


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