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Shiny Teeth and Me – Natural Teeth Maintenance

While you can spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic dental treatments to whiten and straighten your teeth and remove plaque, there are several natural dieting strategies that, combined with a regular check-up, can result in healthy, happy teeth for the duration of your life. It’s not recommended to forgo visits to the dentist entirely, and certainly continue brushing your teeth twice per day, but consider augmenting your diet and lifestyle with a couple of the following suggestions to improve your oral health and retain a beautiful smile at all times. Foods that optimise your teeth also help to strengthen the blood vessels in your gums. They have the added effect of preventing tooth decay and gum disease too.

Which Vegetables Are Good For My Teeth?

The answer to this question is manifold. Some vegetables are high in natural sugars which, while aren’t as likely to cause plaque build-up and tooth decay, can make your teeth yellow. Other vegetables, however, are a veritable goldmine for removing sugar and keeping your teeth healthy. Vegetables that are high in fibre are especially effective at doing this. Artichokes are the safest bet, amongst the highest-fibre veggies, as well as carrots, broccoli and beets. Containing a lot of water, these vegetables easily offset their sugar content and when broken down, the fibre particles actually scrub your teeth.

Water and Oral Health

Keeping hydrated ensures any bacterial acid in your mouth is neutralised and that leftover food particles don’t stick to the teeth and cause rot. It’s not as effective as toothpaste, but drinking water after every meal or other beverage rinses away food and other detritus, thereby reducing plaque.

Vitamins For Oral Health.

Cheese and other dairy products are rich in calcium which is essential for sustaining healthy teeth. Cheese especially combats acid erosion of the teeth. Acid erosion occurs when sugars are left for too long in the mouth, and cheese tends to absorb all these leftover sugars before passing down your oesophagus, leaving your mouth clean and acid-free. Because of this, cheese actually makes a great desert option. Try to offset your increased calcium intake with some vitamin D because otherwise your body won’t be able to absorb all the calcium. Fatty fish like salmon are a great option that will facilitate benefits in your teeth and gums from calcium build-up. Vitamin C also slows the progression of inflammation, so if your gums are experienced redness and tenderness, eat an orange to help prevent the spread of the condition.

Strawberries as a Teeth Whitener

While it’s not scientifically proven that strawberries can remove stains, there is anecdotal evidence that this is so. Try eating strawberries for sparkling white teeth. They’re delicious and it’s proposed that the malic acid found in strawberries will remove discolouration on your teeth.

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