Custom Mouthguards for Sport – Why They Are Superior

Custom Mouthguards for Sport – Why They Are Superior

Children lead an active lifestyle and love nothing more than kicking a ball around the field, going skateboarding and bike riding. Contact sports and fast paced activities pose a significant risk to your child’s smile, as exposed teeth are prone to chipping and splitting in the event of a fall or tackle. The best way to protect your child’s smile and avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist is to provide them with a custom made mouthguard from their dentist. In this blog post, Sydney Park Dental will be sharing some insight into the benefits of custom mouthguards and how they are superior to off the shelf options.


Why Consider a Custom Mouthguard from your Dentist in Erskineville?

Whilst sporting shops around Australia all carry mouth guards, these will not be made to suit all mouths and can actually be a hindrance to your child’s sporting performance. Slipping and rubbing are common, and this can lead to further injury and irritation.


A custom mouthguard on the other hand is made to suit the individual, as it is created using a mould of your child’s teeth. This means they will get the perfect fit that offers excellent protection against unexpected injury. Sydney Park Dental regularly treat sports-related dental emergencies, and many of these injuries could be avoided or minimised simply by using a custom mouthguard. The safety and comfort of our patients is our priority, and we invite you to visit us to have a custom mouthguard made for your child.


Four Benefits of Custom Mouthguards

  1. Comfort

Off the shelf mouthguards are designed to be ‘one size fits all’ whereas custom-made mouthguards are tailored to your child’s teeth. During your fit-out consultation, a mould will be taken of your child’s teeth and gums. This ensures their new mouthguard will remain securely in place during your child’s activities, offering them the best protection without niggling pain and discomfort hindering their performance.


  1. Better Protection

Due to the secure fit, custom mouthguards offer better protection. They will absorb force much better, and they will not rub against the gums. One of the main problems with off the shelf products is that they sit poorly on the lower teeth, and this can be an issue if the lower teeth meet the upper teeth during an injury. A dentist supplied mouthguard will safely absorb the force and keep your child protected.



  1. Clear Speech

It can be difficult to communicate clearly with poorly fitted mouthguards due to their larger format. This results in muffled speech and can also make it harder to breathe. With a dentist supplied mouthguard, your child will be able to communicate with their teammates clearly and breathe with ease due to the smaller size and tailored fit.


  1. Longevity

Custom mouthguards are produced with dental clay, which has a long lifespan and will serve your child well for much longer than off the shelf alternatives. Dental clay is strong and durable, so there’s no need to worry about your child nibbling and wearing through the material prematurely.


Custom Mouthguards in Sydney – Visit Sydney Park Dental Today

If you are a parent looking to protect your child’s smile, Sydney Park Dental invites you and your child to visit for a dental exam and mouthguard fitting. Call now on 02 8084 7170 to book an appointment at our Erskineville dental clinic. We look forward to seeing you soon.