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Healthy teeth and gums are important for overall health and wellbeing. Regular dental visits can identify possible oral health problems before they have a chance to cause harm, as well as helping children’s teeth to develop normally.

Unfortunately, many Australians avoid going to the dentist as often as they should because they’re worried about the cost. Finding out what free dental services you’re eligible for could help you to keep your oral health on track.

What does my health fund cover?

If you have health cover from Medicare or another insurer, this will usually include some level of dental cover. Check your policy details or talk to your insurer to find out what you’re eligible to claim and what the annual limits are.

Most standard health insurance covers preventive dental care and basic services only. This may include check-ups, teeth cleaning and general treatments such as fillings or protective mouthguards, up to your policy limits. If you have extras cover, this may include more treatments.

It’s important to check whether you are covered for the full cost or only a percentage of the cost. Optional treatments such as teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry are not usually covered by health funds.

When you’re choosing a dentist, you should check whether they accept payments with your insurance provider and whether they offer on-the-spot claim processing so you won’t have to wait to be reimbursed later. At Sydney Park Dental, we accept all health funds and we use HICAPS to process claims on the day of treatment.

Am I eligible for a government-funded scheme?

The Australian Government offers free and subsidised dental care to eligible people. At Sydney Park Dental, we recognise the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) and we are a registered provider for the Oral Health Free for Service Scheme (OHFFSS) for Department of Veteran Affairs Members (DVA).

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

Children and teenagers aged 2 to 17 years may be eligible for gap free check-ups, teeth cleaning, dental x-rays and basic treatments if their parents or guardians receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or another eligible Medicare payment.

CDBS covers up to $1,000 of dental services over 2 consecutive calendar years. This limit resets every 2 years as long as the child is eligible.

Oral Health Free for Service Scheme (OHFFSS)

DVA members in New South Wales who are eligible for public dental care can redeem OHFFSS vouchers at Sydney Park Dental for free dental services, including dentures.

Save money with dentist discounts

If you’re not eligible for free dental services, Sydney Park Dental offers discounted check-ups and treatments to help make dental care more affordable.

We’re currently offering an initial check-up and clean for adults for $175 and gap free dental check-ups for under 16s, even if you’re not covered by a health fund. Talk to our team to find out more.

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