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Initial Check up and clean $175

Check Up & Clean Offer for New and Returning Patients.

New Patient Offer

Initial $175 Check Up & Clean for new patients

Existing Patients

Any subsequent 6-month check up and clean, is gap free for all health insurances or discounted rates if no private health insurance. This offer is available for all returning patients.

X-rays are extra if needed. Sydney Park Dental encourages and recommends periodic dental oral hygiene treatments for our patients.

It is very important for us to attend regular dental check up and cleans for:

– removing plaque and calculus build up,

– early detection of cavities and prevention of future progression,

– preventing and controlling gum disease,

– identification of habits which have a negative impact on oral health, such as biting nails, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and brushing teeth too hard, etc

– oral cancer detection

Hence we are offering

$175.00 Check up and Clean for adults

x-rays not included