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GAP FREE children check up and clean

Even though we know that the baby teeth will eventually fall out to make way for the adult teeth, it doesn’t mean regular check ups and cleaning are not as important. There are a number of reasons why we should look after them:

  • one of their major roles is to maintain space and guide the adult teeth into correct position once they emerge. If decay causes them to be removed prematurely, there may be loss of the dental arch length leaving less space for the adult teeth resulting in crowding.
  • baby teeth are naturally less resistant to decay compared to adult teeth, and the progression of decay towards the pulp is a lot faster
  • healthy baby teeth allow good chewing and eating habits, decays and toothache may prevent children from eating certain food and hence limiting nutrient uptake, hindering their development both physically and mentally
  • early loss of their baby teeth may cause them to have lower self-esteem and emotional issues

Generally, early diagnosis and timely advice of any dental issue, especially with baby teeth, will allow wider choices of treatment options. This is why we offer GAP FREE check up and clean for all children 16 years and under, regardless of the health care provider you are with, to assist you in looking after your children’s overall health and ensure they can grow to their full potential.

Children with no private health insurance receive discounted check up and clean prices.


ONLY $175.00

Check-up, Scale, Clean & Fluoride Treatment

Because we have the highest standards of patient care in mind, we recommend starting with a comprehensive examination, followed by your own personalised treatment recommendations. If further examination of a tooth is required, X-rays maybe required at $45.00 each.

We believe the initial checkup is so important in establishing diagnoses and correct treatment, that we have made it as accessible and affordable as possible.